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An agency focused on teens in foster care or going through the process of adoption. We want the teens to have thier forever family and move from a dream in thier heart to living it in a forever safe, loving, and stable home.

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What We're About

At Heart to Home our agency is focused on helping place older kids or teens in adoptive homes, streamlining the legal process in connecting social workers and judges, and providing a safe place for siblings to reunite. We are creating an all in one experience to get you through the process as simple as possible, we will help you and be active advocates for them.

We are a non-profit organization sustained through grants and volunteer opportunities to engage the community and bring more attention to connect with the teens needing a home.


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See foster care options for teens or sibling groups and locate a foster care agency near you to get started today!


Learn about the phases of adoption, all the necessities, how to make the paperwork process as simple as possible.

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You are curious about the process, looking into what options you have available to consider fostering or adopting a teen or sibling group, or interested in locating a social worker to gather more information about your foster or adopted child.


Common Myths About Adoptions

  • Adopting from foster care is not expensive. A lot of children in foster care qualify for adoption subsidy so sometimes your adoption is completely free. Many employers offer adoption benefits and there are state and federal tax credits. There are also tons of resources and benefits (monetary and non-monetary). The average cost of adopting from foster care is less than $2,500, and up to $2,000 may be covered by the state. Families may also receive monthly maintenance payments and financial aid for their child's college education.

  • False, however, it is true that many children in foster care need some time and/or help to heal from what they’ve experienced. There are many children who do not have any significant medical or special needs. They are mostly children who have had a rough start in life and need a stable, loving family.

  • Once a child is legally free for adoption, birth parents have no right to claim a child or petition to get a child back. Foster care adoptions are just as legitimate and permanent as private and international adoptions.

  • Single people are legally allowed to adopt in all 50 states, and there are many foster care agencies that will license to single people.

  • There is no reason that because you adopt an older child, they won’t ever feel like yours. You can bond with a child at any age. Simply because you adopt a child when they are older and miss the smooshy baby stage does not mean you have missed it all. There are so many firsts to be had and to bond over. (the beach for the first time, first airplane trip, first dance, first time driving).

  • As with any form of adoption – or becoming a parent, for that matter – there are risks. It iss often a long road with uncertainty. Most foster parents will tell you that the kids are worth the heartbreak. Your adult heart has so many more coping mechanisms than the tiny heart of a teen or child. If you can take any part of their hurt and help heal it or shield them from it, that is a win, and you should absolutely consider doing it.

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